1. Gone Fishin'

From the recording Electromagnetism

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Gone Fishin'

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I don’t have the time to spend to spend the money that I don’t have
Don’t got enough pockets for all the shit I find
I may waste my days away playin’ in the sun, but I don’t have the worry of what you think when I say what’s on my mind ‘cause

I’ve// got stories you can’t find, a million ways to pass the time, a riddle and a dance sometime in the middle of the// night.

So baby come dance, ‘cause you only got one life to live, and you got enough love to bring life to everything you see and I noticed the ground shake when you walked by. No need to ask, I followed intuition and it led me straight to heaven. **And i thought that i was lost somewhere, in the center of a maze, somehow, gotta find a way out, and you know just how to work it out, can we get together for a date sometime? Anywhere you want just **tell me where to start ‘cause I’ve

//Got secrets you can’t find. A billion ways to pass the time, a riddle in a dance sometime in the middle of the// night
(I’ve got a billion secret riddles (in the middle))