1. Company

From the recording Electromagnetism

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Well I’m…
Standin’ on the sidewalk
Baby can ya hear me scream your name?
I wanna get next to you, but you ain’t been around
I wanna have ---
Baby can ya hear me sing my blues to life?
Woke up early sunday, had to get some work done
Packed my bowl fulla oats, rolled, a cigarette sat down on the patio
Picked up my guitar, and listened to what she said - she said, “Hey you! Please don’t let go.”
Now I thought about my baby, said the same thing to me
Said, “If you stand up now, I’ma walk right out, and it’ll take a hot minute just to find me”
Now Baby, can ya hear me?
I said, Baby can ya hear me?
I stood and walked away
I got enough to get me through, and I don’t really need you, but I must say, I do enjoy the company.